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Inside the Twitter birdcage

Twitter is a lot like being in a birdcage.

Once you follow the seed trail into the Twitter birdcage, it’s very difficult to get out. To further lose your self of time and space, there are no clocks in the cage. Instead, everything is measured in ‘hours ago’, or ‘retweets’.

There’s lots of tweets: tweet here, tweet there. So many tweets, and en masse they all sound the same. The cage is full of movement, sending feathers gusting about. There are birds of all shapes and types, twittering and squawking in a cacophony of noise so incessant and encompassing it’s hard to think.

Fortunately, there are some birds in here that can talk.

Some are like kookaburras, when they laugh everyone stops to listen as they are loud and unique, their sound echoing around the twitterverse, echoing from tweep to tweep. Their laughter is contagious, you can’t help but catch it. Then you realise “AHH!! I’ve caught bird flu”, but you’ve already infested all your tweeps with re-tweets.

Some birds are big, like pelicans, and when they open their beaks they are big enough to scoop up the whole twitterverse. Everyone one is swallowed up and absorbed. The world feels smaller all of a sudden.

Mostly though, with the amount of birds in here it comes as no surprise that the Twitter birdcage is full of shit. Three days in and I’m wondering if anyone comes here to clean it up?

I’m new to Twitter. For now I’m going find a comfy spot on the perch, above the feathers and shit, trying to keep my beak shut.

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The Rhythm Method is now on Twitter. Tweet me there @rhythmblog.

Do you use Twitter? Jokes aside, how useful do you find it to connect with people?

16 Responses to “Inside the Twitter birdcage”

  1. Bree DeRoche

    I’m totally with you there. I’m in the birdcage, yet mostly silent, like a white stork.

  2. Lauren

    I love your description of twitter, you clever thing!
    Cool, so now I’ll follow you so I don’t miss anything! I like twitter to check out what my friends are up to, you know, Kanye, Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe…. What they all think of the Grammys etc. Sometimes it’s a bit of a distraction. I don’t use it to keep in touch with my friend friends though.
    Can I suggest Alain deBotton? he’s the best for something smart and clever that stays with you for the day. and Joan Rivers – she’s hilarious! Tweet tweet

  3. Rhi@FlourChild

    Nope, not opened the twitter can of worms here. I fear it would suck up more time than I have to spare.. Steering clear for as long as I can.
    Cool post. x

  4. Michele

    I finally got sucked in as well. I avoided it for the longest time – mainly because I didn’t understand it (I still don’t, really). I gave in because I think it’s a good marketing tool. We’ll see how it goes. I have a whopping 7 followers right now!

  5. Lucy

    I am a recent convert (6 months?) I really didn’t get it either, for ages.

    Then I found an all encompassing flock – full of birds of all sorts of common and rare breeds.

    And realise that Twitter can be the dreamtime that gives so many birds their colours…

  6. Bern Morley

    Some days, I wish I could go back to BT (Before Twitter). It is the biggest time suck ever. Forget Facebook and blogging, once you are in, it’s all consuming.

    It has it’s wonderful side though too and I have gotten very close to a lot of wonderful, wonderful people (Lucy being one). Just take it slow and see how it goes. xx Bern

  7. Lauren Finn

    I’m echoing what Bern said. Twitter makes me smile and laugh out loud and sometimes I even cry because the Tweeps are so sharing. And once you embrace it, particularly if writing is your thing, there’s a community of beautiful inspiring people who will encourage you and lift you on their wings. L x

  8. Jenny C

    A lot of people say, and I have read articles where twitter is tooted as a place of uninteresting, trivial, sometimes intimate, shite (basically). And there definitely is a lot of that! I have been on Twitter for nearly 2 years. I follow those people I like, or admire. I don’t follow those I don’t, and I block the spammer and other annoyances we find there. What it’s become for me, is another community – one where I have found people – some who have become the closest of friends ‘in real life’. One where important information, or that which is relevant to my interests, is disseminated quickly. Where I can easily pass on information I think maybe of interest to others. Where I have found belly laughs and tears. I found your blog via Twitter! It certainly has its uses. The recent events in Egypt, and Queensland, are examples of how information can quickly get around the world. As a parent I have found wonderful, like-minded people who share in the realities of life with kiddos – warts and all. I have networks mainly in the parenting, blogging, political, and publishing arenas and have found that twitter, for me, has ‘humanised’ many of the people within (as ironic as that may sound.) It’s worth it, it takes a while to develop in the way that you want it to, but I encourage you to hang in there. It’s kept me motivated to continue with my own writing. And my ‘community’ may just have saved my life during a very traumatic time in 2009. Sure it has a lot of crap. Take what you like and leave the rest. And yes, I’m about to follow you!

  9. Fearful Girl

    I hope I’m not considered one of the bird shitter Twitterers 😦 Sometimes I’m not sure if I should ‘advertise’ my new blog posts just once, or several times a day. I experimented with posting it several times and got a much higher hit rate. So now I’m raining shit, but hopefully it will eventually sell books for me.

  10. the rhythm method

    I know, it’s a tough one. I try to flog posts when I know my ‘audience’ are on the net – first thing, lunchtime and after bedtime. But your audience is probably a lot more varied, in demographic and time zone, to mine.

  11. InkPaperPen

    Hello! Just browsing through your old posts, the ones before i “knew” you. I love this post – I have had my twitter account for a little while now, but I don’t quite get it yet. Frankly, it scares me and I over obsess about the correct etiquette, or twitterquette perhaps (has this phrase been coined yet? If not I am claiming it right now! ha!). And I am wary of getting sucked into another online timesucker, I love blogging but I don’t want to get sucked permanently into the online world – the outside world is just too bright in comparison. Sorry for waffling on your blog – it is late here and I should be in bed…Good night, Gill xo

  12. maidinaustralia

    I love twitter … have met some lovely people there (in real life too, at blogging events), and had some fab opportunities, won prizes, been given work opportunities. Give it a try. If you’re a blogger you should be on twitter. Follow people who are similar to you and interest you, report and block the spammers, and go from there.


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