That prams and art are not mutually exclusive.

A blog is like a compost heap

Mr Karen and I spent more time in our garden this weekend than on the internet. We are now watching Escape to the Country, lying on the couch in an exhausted, soap-smelling heap.

Nothing can match the tiredness of a weekend in the garden. Our block is large, sloping and a mishmash of untamed ‘secret garden’, and manicured lawns, shaped Cyprus, rosemary, lavender and succulents in shades from grape to blue. Mr Karen valiantly tends to it on weekends, but it’s a big job for one man, even one as energetic and not-sit-downie as he. With the repressive humidity of Summer now behind us, we took to the tools and had us a working bee.

We pulled out dead trees, victims of too much rain: ironic after almost a decade of drought. We pruned, weeded and raked. Some new seedlings went in to replace last year’s herbs which have since gone to seed. Boy 1 was keen to plant out with me until he realised that it involved standing in the sun. He retired to play Lego inside, and I toiled on, making hay while the sun shined. I ached, I sweated, I developed a rash of unknown origin. It was a long, exhausting day, but so very satisfying. And now we are clean and sleepy.

I worked until dinner, and Mr Karen until dark. The laptop was not turned on until after 8pm, when I took to the net to check my email and ‘do my rounds’. As I logged on to WordPress to check my blog, I was greeted with a pathetic, limp worm wiggling across my stats chart. I realised I had only posted once this month so far. Oh dear, does this constitute blog neglect? Flourishing one week, flat and malnourished the next?

Then it occurred to me: a blog is like a compost heap. It takes a while to get going. You need to add quality ingredients in the right combination in order to get the chemistry right. Once you get it going, the worms come and work through the material. The more worms, the better the composting action. But if you forget to add more material, or if you add poor material, the worms aren’t happy and they go elsewhere.

Sorry worms, I’m still trying to get the balance right.

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It’s Sunday and I’m feeling whimsical. What did you get up to on this first weekend in March?

9 Responses to “A blog is like a compost heap”

  1. keepcatebusy (Cate)

    I’m sure there’s a joke in there about post quality and cow manure…but I’m not clever enough to think of it!!
    Wasn’t it a divine weekend?? We spent it at the beach and then went to a winery for lunch today (and then back to the beach!)…ahhh, bliss!!

  2. ClaireyH

    That is actually good helpful advice for me, starting my compost heap, better make sure the worms are happy!

  3. the rhythm method

    Worms are fussy buggers. Moisture is important too. Ahh, so much to remember!
    And yes Cate, there is a poo joke in there somewhere, but I can’t go there without putting my foot in it. 😉

  4. Deer Baby

    The description of your garden is gorgeous. Sadly I don’t have one in this present house.

    I think that’s a good analogy of the compost heap. It does take a long time to get the mix right, things need turning over, before it all rots down and another layer gets thrown on top. And no eggshells right? That’s what my mother always told me!

    I went to a book launch which stirred up a lot of emotions in me. A combustible mixture of envy and pride.

  5. Lucy

    I love your compost blog analogy.

    And I love the way you must have worked in that garden. I just allowed my gardening husband to read over my shoulder. He tells me that if all bloggers were gardeners, he would read them all. A compliment indeed.

    I baked and gardened and dealt with compost and gluts….and ate out with a lot of little people.


  6. Emma M

    Very good analogy indeed. Also because for compost and blogs to be as successful as possible they need to be spread around 🙂
    Had myself a quiet weekend of fluffing about . Made a birthday cake for nephew as his mum forgot to organise one, attended the birthday party and as was wet here had my eyes on a screen or page for remainder. Loved it!

  7. Green Mama

    Sounds like a perfect weekend… I love that end of gardening day fatigue, feeling completely smug and full of satisfaction. I’m planning that for this upcoming Sunday.

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