That prams and art are not mutually exclusive.


We were going to name you August. You were due on 8.8.08, the luckiest date in the Chinese calendar. When my waters broke early morning, I knew you had other plans. You were 10 days early, and about 1.5 kilos too light.

After the emergency caesar, they took you away. The nurses told me stories about small babies, and I just waved them away. How small could he be, I thought.

The recovery nurse was the first one who asked for your name. Hamish, I said. It was the only name I could remember, out of our list of possibilities.

But Hamish is a name for a big, strong man, she said in her Scottish accent.

At first you wore that strong name in the great tradition of ironic Australian names. As we watch you grow, you fit that name more and more. You being born near death taught us all so much about life.

Happy Four Hamish.

3 Responses to “August”

  1. Naomi Bulger

    “Big and strong” is so much more than size and muscles. Happy birthday Hamish. May you continue to grow big and strong in spirit, in kindness, in joy and in love.

  2. Lucy

    I adore the name Hamish. I have a cousin Hamish. Strength is measured in so much more than inches. xx

  3. debbrightandprecious

    Karen! We must have had identical pregnancies (timewise) – because my girl was due on 08.08.08 too! She was four days late though. Happy Birthday Hamish! Look at his strength now – wonderful. x


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