That prams and art are not mutually exclusive.

Henry Miller on Creative Routines

As an emerging writer, work routine has been my greatest struggle. These commandments, written and adhered to by Henry Miller while he wrote Tropic of Cancer, are a great guide to being productive and creative, two things which I have always thought at mutual odds.

For more of Miller’s advice on writing, visit Brain Pickings and sign up for their weekly newsletter. You won’t regret it.

Which of Miller’s commandments are you particularly prone to break? For me it’s no.s 1, 2 and 6. Strong starter, reluctant finisher.

4 Responses to “Henry Miller on Creative Routines”

  1. Gill

    A very worthy post.

    Funny, I am currently reading Tropic of Cancer and have a little book full of Miller inspirations…

    Number 2, 4, 10 and 11 jumped out at me. I am very very good at number 7 though, which means ideas are not generally my problem.

    I do subscribe to Brain Pickings and yes, it is wonderful. I think I discovered it by following a link form your FB page at one time or another.


  2. Donna @ Nappydaze

    Karen I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing, it is exactly what I needed to read right now (flailing and frustrated writer at this moment, need guidance and structure so badly!)

  3. Dan

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