That prams and art are not mutually exclusive.

Wisdom from the produce section

On Thursday morning Ruben and I walked to the village to check the mail and stock up on bananas.

After our usual rounds of post office and park, I bought about a half dozen bananas, all a healthy yellow with flecks of black on their skin. I pushed the pram out onto the footpath outside the IGA and proceeded to peel the young man a banana. As I handed it to him, he looked at me with deep expectation, as if to say, “And …?”

I looked at the peel in my hand. There was no more banana.

“Sorry mate, there’s no more. That’s The Whole Banana.”

He looked at the pale yellow curve in his hand. He likes to have half a banana in each hand, but this banana, though not tiny, was not worth breaking in half. He pulled a face to indicate his disappointment, before mashing it into his mouth in three man-sized bites.

It’s been one of those weeks for me in writing. I’ve had my banana – it’s not a big banana, I don’t need two hands to hold it. Sometimes it’s The Whole Banana, and that’s better than no banana at all.

6 Responses to “Wisdom from the produce section”

  1. Tracey

    Yep, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had a few days of writing like that, but I’m trying to get better at just being grateful for whatever words come my way.

    This writing thing can be hard in the most unexpected ways, hey? 🙂

  2. thesundrunkthepuddles

    I’ve taken some of the advice you posted last week (from our friend Henry miller). Ten minutes each day this week, even when I didn’t feel like it. It’s satisfying although nowhere near the whole banana. So know you have inspired words in me this week. X

      • Gill

        I think I told you I set up a private blog? I can’t claim ownership of the name. One of the kids said it and I snapped it up.

        Writing regularly is good but the continuity is missing. Can’t seem to work on the same project each day and that is my biggest problem. So my new challenge for the coming week: ten minutes daily on the same project.

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